Founded in the 1940’s by Arthur and Marjorie Campbell, Fyna Foods has always strived to create tasty treats that are better than the rest. Indeed, Fyna is a play on the word ‘finer’ – with Marjorie credited with the clever pun.

Initially a jam making venture run from the back of the family backyard, Fyna Foods soon outgrew the property. The brand has since seen many homes across Melbourne. Fyna Foods marked the start of the twenty first century with a move to the purpose-built home at 70-74 Star Crescent, Hallam, in the South East of Melbourne.


After mastering jam making, Arthur and Marjorie turned their hand toward confectionary. They began with lollypops, before Arthur decided he wanted to add some ‘fizz’ to set them apart from the crowd and deliver a taste sensation. In 1947, he developed a recipe for the classic sherbet that the lolly pop could be dipped in. Legend has it that the sherbet was so good the factory staff suggested it should be sold separately – and so Wizz Fizz came to be!

As television grew in popularity Arthur began advertising Wizz Fizz on the Micky Mouse Club TV Show to introduce a young generation to the delicious treat. This led to the annual tradition of selling Wizz Fizz bags at the Royal Melbourne Show – which today are still one of the best-selling show bags.


In the late 1990’s, the company parted ways with Disney and embraced a new generation of Wizz Fizz fans, with crazy monsters appearing on the Wizz Fizz packs for the first time. Kids loved the fantasy creatures with wacky names including Mad Myron, Doctor Freak, Nerdy Neil, Screaming Mimi and Weird Wally!


The crazy monsters were replaced with Super Star Kids and we headed off into outer space.


Bringing back monsters became the call, so a new range of quirky characters from Planet Wizz Fizz arrived on pack and quickly became a hit with new generation of Wizz Fizz fans.


We couldn’t keep the crazy monsters in outer space, so in 2017, they came back to Earth and party bags across the country with a fresh new look. They now enjoy everything from skating and playing basketball to going wild on a rollercoaster and rocking out at a concert.

These days, we make around 11,700,000 Wizz Fizz Sherbet Sachets each year – which is around 147 tonnes of the sugary treat!

Continuing to evolve

From our humble jam making beginnings in the Campbells backyard, we now make over 600 products. While kids around the world love our Wizz Fizz, we’re proud to only use sugar sourced from Australia.

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